Gingerbread cookie decorating Part II

Thanks to all who made the gingerbread men decorating event such a success.  While the weather the first Sunday was pretty miserable, all in all, we had good turn out.  The room had a constant buzz as people chatted, cider was sipped and cookies were ooed and awed over.  I think adults and kids alike had a great time.  It was social it was sweet and it was festive.  This will definitely be a yearly tradition!  Between both Sundays we were able to raise $250.00 for Liberelle, the Chelsea women’s shelter.  I phoned them yesterday to let them know of our small contribution, and they were thrilled.  Thanks again to everyone who came.

One thought on “Gingerbread cookie decorating Part II

  1. Thank you Chris and TEAM! loved the experience of mingling with locals for a great cause! Your hospitality along with your little boys was priceless! I picked up some cookies for xmas socks, cookie dough, peanut brittle for me and of course your Holiday ice cream log-Peppermint my FAV! Thanks for caring about giving back to others:)

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