Nut free option

For years, it’s been driving me crazy that we had nothing to offer  kids (and adults) who have serious nut allergies.  I know how hard it is for this group to eat out, and how disappointing it is for kids to not be able to join other kids in this quintessential summer experience.

For those of you who have a serious nut allergy, La Cigale is now carrying a nut-free, gluten-free ice cream cookie sandwich.  Unfortunately it is not made by us – but that is why we can guarantee that it is nut free.  It is made by an organic dairy in Ontario called Mapletons and is a great product. Packaged in their nut free factory – it really is the only way we can guarantee it is, in fact, nut free.

So sorry it’s taken us so long, but it’s finally here.  Come on in and try one.  We’d love to hear what you think.  So please give us your feedback.

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