“Wow! It actually tastes like pumpkin pie!”

I just checked the weather for the weekend,  (I become pretty obsessive about the weather and check it everyday – sometimes a couple of times a day.  … after all I own an ice cream shop and we depend on good weather),  so I was pretty happy to see the sun icon smiling back at me for Saturday and Sunday of this Thanksgiving weekend.  Now I cross my fingers and hope the weather people get it right.

Maggie has made pumpkin pie again to celebrate the season. Now I must tell you, Maggie is allergic to pumpkin, and  personally I can’t stand pumpkin pie, so it was quite a feat coming up with this recipe.  But I’m told we got it right. I just love it when customers ask to sample it, then turn to each other and say in a surprised voice.  “Wow! It actually tastes like pumpkin pie!”

So if you are in Chelsea this weekend visiting the Gatineau Park and taking in the colourful fall scene, stop by and give it a sample.  Does it taste like your families pumpkin pie?

pumpkin pie ice cream


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